Christmas at Barretts

Make your Christmas season easy with Barretts famous Fruit mince pies and our 2 month aged Christmas pudding.



Aged Christmas Pudding

christmaspuddingOur Christmas pudding is made according to the tried and tested Roux Brother's Recipe.

The Roux Brothers, Michel & Albert are two famous chefs who run the acclaimed 3-Michelin star restaurant in Brea, UK, The Waterside.

This pudding is moist, rich and indescribably delicious, especially when served with a warm Brandy sauce or custard.

It has already been aged for more than two months.




Raisins, Sultanas, Currants, Almond meal, Orange Juice & zest, Apple, Brandy, Guinness, Brioche, Flour, Demerara, Sugar, Egg, Salt, Cinnamon, Mixed Spice, Candied Peel, Glazed Cherries & Butter.


Fruit mince pies

fruit mince pie






Our famous Fruit mince pies are back again for another year with the same taste that you know and love.












Aged Christmas Pudding

Small: $11.50 (serves 2)

Medium: $46.00 (serves 6-8)

Large: $60.00 (serves 10-12)

Fruit mince pies

Single: $2.30

Half dozen: $12.50

Dozen: $23.50

Gingerbread men

Single: $3.90

Chocolate Brownie Pudding

Small: $9.50