Our Bread

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Unique and complex, fed and nurtured since 1998

Ingredients: Flour, Water, Whole Meal Flour, Iodised Salt (Vegan/Low Sugar/Gut Friendly)


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Grain Sourdough

Grains blended through a light sourdough

Ingredients: Whole Grain, Flour, Water, Fine Rye Meal, Salt, Yeast, Vegetable Shortening
(Vegan/Low Sugar/Gut Friendly)


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Raisin Sourdough

Plump raisins mixed into our complex Sourdough

Ingredients: Flour, Water, Whole Meal Flour, Iodized Salt, Plump Raisins (Vegan/Low Sugar/Gut Friendly)


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Our famous Italian loaf 24 hours of nurturing gives texture & flavour

Ingredients: Flour, Water, Yeast, Olive Oil, Malt Powder, Iodized Salt (V/Low Sugar)

$5.90/ $2.90 Small

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Miche De Campagne

A firm favourite, beautiful, classic, white, crusty french loaf

Ingredients: Flour, Water, Sour Dough, Shortening, Iodized Salt, Yeast, Gluten, Improver

$6.70/ $6.00 Small

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Dark Rye

Soft & robust with a hint of treacle & caramel

Ingredients: Flour, Water, Rye Flour, Yeast, Iodized Salt, Gluten, Treacle, Caramel (Vegan/Gut Friendly)


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Parisian french stick

Ingredients: Flour, Sour Dough, Water, Shortening, Yeast, Iodized Salt, Gluten Improver

$5.60/ $2.00 Mini

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Dense & complex with a chewy crust, perfect weekend loaf (Friday, Saturday and Sunday ONLY)

Ingredients: Bakers Flour, Water, Durham Semolina, Yeast, Salt (Vegan/Low Sugar)

$7.90 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday ONLY)

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Mixed Grain Loaf

Ingredients: Bakers Flour, Water, Rye Meal, Vegetable Shortening, Treacle, Yeast, Salt, Milk Powder
(Kibbled Wheat, Kibbled Corn, Kibbled Rye, Malted Wheat, Linseed)


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Milk Loaf

Soft & seriously addictive

Ingredients: Bakers Flour, Water, Unsalted Butter, Evaporated Milk, Milk Powder, Castor Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Gluten