9389 6404

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Our bread is available everyday. You can place an order before 2pm in the cafe or over the telephone by calling 9389 6404 for next day collection.

The time for collection will be confirmed by our staff.

Our bread is made with humble ingredients: 100% wheat, rock salt and filtered water. Our unique fermentation process for our starter dough has been nurtured and loved since 1997, developing a lovingly complex flavour that has wowed our customers over the years. The proof for us is our customers keep coming back for more.

Loaves available



Miche De Campagne

Milk Loaf

Wholemeal & Multi Grain Bread

Specialty Breads

Pugliese (available Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Olive, Thyme and Roasted Onions Bread

Rye Bread

9 Seeded Rye Bread rolled in sesame seeds

Pain au Payne - soya, linseed, sesame, poppy and sunflower seeds

Turkish Flat Breads

Rosemary, Rock Salt and Olive Oil

Tomato Chees and Fresh Basil Leaf

Sesame Seed and Poppy Seed

Bread Rolls

Knot, Multi Grain, Scottish Bap, Hamburger, Ficelle, Dinner (on request)

Fruit Loaf

Raisin loaf and Dense Fruit Loaf